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    Servlet and Jsp deployment on jboss-4.0.4.GA

    Jainendra Pathak Newbie

      Hello friends....
      I m new user ...i am developing a project in witch more than on servlet and jsp are going to used ....
      Can some body help me to give the idea where i hv to put .class file in Jboss.

      Using Ant i did this creating .ear file and putting it into deploy folder of Jboss.

      But is there anyway to directly we can .class file like we put jsp directly into Jboss????

      One more thing in my jsp pages there two / three images where we hv to put it into Jboss so that it will take it.....because it is not taking it only jsp page it will show and without images....only contents are showing not the images...

      If some body really know about this tell me i want ur help????
      thnks in advance