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    rich:fileUpload with parameters and AllowFlash

    Matt Davies Newbie

      Hey all-

      I upgraded to 3.2.2 to fix a problem with my fileuploading abilities and now have a new issue.

      I was running into an issue before with my maxRequestSize parameter in the Seam Filter not being respected. I upgraded to 3.2.2 and that is now fixed.

      So, with the following configuration I lose the ability to post a parameter with the file upload.

       rendered="#{empty entry.uploadedFiles}"
       immediateUpload="true" >
       <f:facet name="label">
       <h:outputText value="{_KB}KB from {KB}KB uploaded --- {mm}:{ss}"></h:outputText>
       <a4j:support event="onuploadcomplete" reRender="printLocationsList" />
       <f:param name="plid" value="#{entry.id}"/>

      I use the <f:param name="plid ... to distinquish which of several file upload controls fires the upload on a given page. One page may contain 5 file upload controls and the files need to be sent in different directions. The fileUpload is wrapped by a data table.

      So, how do I send a parameter along with the fileupload now when using allowFlash?