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    client interceptor to retrieve client IP


      I'm trying to apply a client interceptor to a method inside a SLSB in order to get the client IP address in the server.

      I read the doc https://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-13224
      where there is a simple example in a .zip file, and I tried to do the same in my application, which is running in JBoss 5 (java 1.5, MACOSX).

      I manage to see the interceptor called (from the server log stack), but every
      information that I get comes from the server itself, not from the client.

      So I think I'm missing some basic step in the chain, can you point me to some examples or documentation which explains how to get that ?


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          Solution in that article is aimed on JBoss 4.2 which is using different Remoting implementation version to JBoss 5.

          Another problem can be if you use calls via WebServices. In this case EJB is called from locally deployed Web application so you see as 'client' your WebContainer (Tomcat)