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    Invoke remote EJB3 method from another EJB module NB5.5/Jbos


      I have an EJB-module in a EAN that contains EJB3 entity ans session beans.
      The session beans are exposed as jaxws webservices.

      Since I want to invoke these methods in an ejb-module which is in another EAR (same server) I first tried to create a jaxws webservice client (following http://wiki.netbeans.org/wiki/view/JAXWSJBoss)
      But after one week trying to solve all the exceptions either in NB or Jboss and installing/uninstalling all possible combinations of JAXWS, JAXB, EJB3 versions, I decided to give up. (The webservice itself works well as I can test the operations in a JAXRPC1.6 web client in NB).

      Does someone ever manage to do this ?