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    clarification: seam invocation of conversational SFSB

    Patrick Angeles Novice

      Is there exactly one SFSB per instance of a conversation?

      What happens if I use "BeginIf"... a seam component/SFSB has to be already present before the method call... but if the BeginIf condition is not satisfied, a conversation is not started... what happens to the SFSB? (Is it @Remove'd?)

      Can I also assume that injection happens when a component is created (or conversation begun), and outjection happens when the conversation ends?

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          Gavin King Master

          No, a conversation may span multiple SFSBs and other components.

          There is always an implicit short running conversation that spans a single request. Any components instantiated into conversation scope during the request will be destroyed at the end of the request.

          @Begin and @BeginIf "promote" the sort conversation to a long running conversation spanning multiple requests.

          injection/outjection both occur every time the component is invoked. If you think about this carefully, you will see why that is the only possible way it could work.