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    When are interceptors applied?

    Andrew Apprentice

      Are interceptors (like the conversational interceptor) only applied in the invoke application phase?

      I am using my on load code from jsf-comp to redirect to a new page on load. The code uses the MethodBinding class to get the bean's "action" method. I invoke it then use the result to pass to the navigation handler if not a specific return type. The method I am calling is on a conversational bean. The problem is that it seams the interceptor is never fired, or at least is not working.

      JBoss-seam CVS
      Tomcat 5.5 w/ EJB embedded container


      public class RegisterNewUserAction
       implements RegisterNewUser, Serializable
       public String validateInConversation()
       if (user == null)
       return "welcome";
       return null;

      When I create a method binding on "#{registerUser.validateInConversation}" and execute it, I get "welcome" as the result instead of the expected "choose.registration.type".

      Is this a limitation of Seam, a bug in my setup and/or environment?

      FYI: I am invoking the method binding from inside of a phase listener that is registered after the seam phase listener. The phase listens to the before render response phase.