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Remoting with Clickable Lists

Peter Royle Newbie


I've got a dataTable that's backed by a @DataModel in the usual "Clickable Lists" fashion, with the ability to delete a row from the table by clicking a commandLink, causing a page refresh.

What I'd realy like is to be able to call the delete() method of my SFSB via Seam.Component and still be able to use the @DataModelSelection (rather than having to send a primary key or anything). Is this possible?



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    Shane Bryzak Master

    I'm afraid I don't know how the @DataModelSelection magic works, but the remoting framework will only allow you to invoke a Seam component RPC-style, so anything you want to pass up will need to be expressed as a method parameter.

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    Peter Royle Newbie

    Come to think of it @DataModel and @DataModelSelection seem to be just fancy wrappers for JSF's DataModel. If so then simply using something like Ajax4JSF's a4j:commandLink tag (instead of a h:commandLink) would probably work. I'll try this later tonight and report how it goes.