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    Duplicate login support with Seam


      I need some ideas on how I can use Seam to help me detect and then reject a duplicate login of an individual user.

      Nothing really jumps at me from the current documentation or examples. I welcome ideas from the developer community.

      My context:
      Using form authentication against an LDAP server. I have configured the LdapLoginModule as a security policy in login-config.xml.

      I would like to allow a user to login the first time and then be rejected the second time, if they are already logged in.

      BTW, I realize this may not be a seam specific question, but I'm hoping there's an easy way to do this within the context on seam components. Also, I would like to avoid having to use the database to track that a user is logged in. I know how to do it that way, I want to figure out how to do it with seam only.

      Eric Ray