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    Using Jboss Seam and Struts


      I am interested in running two different flavors side by side

      1. I am currently using struts
      2. wanna switch to Jboss Seam

      but problem is whatever I have already coded in struts I would like to use it in Seam if possible and similarly if I design something that is common to both then should be useable by both frameworks.

      IS it possible? If yes then please advise

      because, I know that seam uses annotations and it is only supported by JDK 1.5

      but my Struts application is using JDK1.4 and I cannot afford to make that update or upgrade to Jdk1.5

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          Not being able to use Java 5 is a different issue than integrating with struts. There are articles on the web about using struts with JSF. I don't know the techniques, but if you can sensibly combine them using those techniques, then I don't see why you couldn't do so in seam. (I'm not sure you'd REALLY want to though)

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            Thank u for ur comments. actually It was a thought to use common services on to different frameworks. u r right but it was just a thought