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    Reset list in @DataModel

    Vince Tux Newbie


      I have a list annotated with @DataModel comming from database. When clicking on a row, users can update the record but the list is not refreshed.

      How can I make the list "resetable" ?

      Thanks a lot

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          Norman Richards Master

          A couple of possibilities come to my mind:

          - maintain a conversation around the access so that you can do your edits in the same persistence context as you are showing results in
          - don't save the results in the session and redirect back to the main view so they will be reloaded
          - have a page action that refreshes the data
          - raise an event that your search results component observes

          If I were you, I'd start by looking at a seam-gen CRUD application and copying that way of doing things. It is a solid starting point.