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    hsqldb, Hibernate and IDE's

    Tony Herstell Master


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      It brilliant that you can run up the hsqldb client by going to localhost:8080 to get the JBoss stuff; open the jmx Console and run up the Database Manger and "connect" again to look at whats happening in your hsqldb database...

      However; it a bit time consuming...

      I am trying to get MyEclipse Database Explorer to look at the database.

      For the URL would it still be : jdbc:hsqldb:.

      Since I start JBoss from MyEclipse I would have expected that the database I would see would be the right one; but it isn't; it appears to create a new database for me.

      Can you advise?

      Basically I am getting lots of Hibernate exceptions, not propogagted out !! that are Heap Space issues...