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    CSS background image ending conversation?

    Louis Coetzee Apprentice


      we make use of several different CSS to improve the accessibility of the page currently viewed. While a page is viewed we have a long running conversation. I make use of some javascript to change the default style sheet to one with a different background and fonts. In this CSS a new background image is specified, which is then retrieved from the server:

      body {
       background-color: #000;

      A call is made to the backend to get the image (and the CSS). Unfortunately this call does not contain the conversationId, resulting in the Seam framework ending the conversation (resulting in all sorts of problems when the next step with the new view options is tried). The behavior is correct when I use the new stylesheet, but with the background-image specification commented out.

      I am running Seam 1.1.6GA.

      It there anyway to prevent my conversation from being ended when the backend receives the get for this image ? I have the feeling that there should be a url-pattern in my web.xml which I can configure so that this request is not handled by JSF/Seam (but my knowledge is way too limited).

      Any suggestions welcome.