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    Seam and RichCliente

    Mauro Silva Newbie

      I´m working in a project heare in Brazil that will envolve the entire automation sector from an Province Bank. The first module that is what we are working now will be the new POS, but we will develop the new ATMs solution and the last mile will have an IntraNet solution.
      We are in the first elaboration interaction from the first module(POS) and the
      the Archtecture that we are validatin uses an Jboss Server Application (4.0.5) that will be placed on every unit(Agencia Bancaria) server (since it´s an bank to improve the province economy it has units far from and with not so good links) where we will have the server application that usewill use J/XSF to comunicate with they). We will use command patterns and the command handler will comunicate with the sessions beans and its were the questions start:
      I want to know it that is a short path to use SEAMs on client application, since we have JBoss on Servers and in future we will have an AJAX IntraNet stuffs and SEAMS offears some infra instructure, a security module and a stuffs.
      We are implementing the command patterns on client and a command handler that comunicates with sessions beans ... there is way to consume session beans that are seam componetns? Using RMI ?
      We are usin Validation too and since the server are local we will deatach the object and use it on client machine. We are loking Jgodies validation and Binds and maybe integrate this with hibernate validation creating some anottations like @validade and @validateAll to be used on view interface ...

      But the big point is consume SessionBeans that are Seam Components and participatein seams context.