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    Custom JSF Component & escaping html



      this is more a JSF question but perhaps you could help me out with that too ;)

      I want to write an email obfuscator and therefore need a custom JSF tag that outputs html entities. So I derived the tag class from UIComponentBase and write the output in encodeBegin.
      The problem is that my output gets escaped by JSF - e.g. instead of:

      & #x6c;& #x65;& #x2e;& #x63;& #111;& #109;

      I get:

      In other words: if I would put my output into HtmlOutputText and set escape=false everything would be fine!

      So how can I prevent JSF from escaping the output of my tag?

      PS: the mathematical captcha is working but it & the email tag depend on the same obfucator so i wait till I get said email tag working to post it at jira.