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    Custom Injector - What interceptors should I go

    kedar Newbie

      - I am using seam (no EJB), do use @In, @Out

      - However, I need to inject domain specific objects (these cannot have default constructors), I have written a custom @Inject annotation

      - I also have a dummy @Injector annotation at the class level, where I actually introspect all fields annotated with @Inject

      - I am able to successfully inject the object, however, my interceptor is called a large number of times

      - I have tried going around MethodContextInterceptor, BijectionInterceptor and some others. I see that the injection is called a large number of times (close to 50 for a page with about 5 fields)

      - I use the "around" because I want the domain object to be injected before @Out comes into play
      - Do I need to have the "around" in the interceptor class OR can I live without it, Besides pushing a flag in the eventcontext, is there any other way I can prevent such multiple calls?