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    How should i do to find entity using some criteria and proce

      I 'm just wondering how to find entities using some criteria and process state at once.

      Here is my situation:

      I have an Order class which has a field - entry-date.(of cource Id, too).
      The Order class does not have a state because jBPM manage states.
      (DRY principle, or should it have?)

      And the order object runs on XXX process.
      I assume that the state of the process goes to ACCEPTED->APPROVED.

      Now, I want to search objects with Specific range of entry-date and state.
      for example, the criteria would be
      entry-date > 2007/5/1 and entry-date <=2007/6/1 and state = ACCEPTED

      Is it possible?
      if not, how should i implement with Seam,basically?

      I know that

      does it affect my question?

      Thanks in advance.