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    Pages.enterPage and FaceletsViewHandler.buildView

    Andrew Apprentice

      I am trying to get the functionality of JBoss Seam's pages.xml to work with facelet include files. This way I can have security and action methods called on included views as well as the main page.

      The problem I am having is one of order of execution. Pages.enterPage is called from a PhaseListener in the before render event. FaceletsViewHandler.buildView is called from the renderView function. So, when the page is "entered", the view is not built yet, so I can't surf the component hierarchy of the page to find my include components and determine their view ID to have Pages check on it.

      Anyone have any bright ideas on how I can get the Pages functionality to be executed after the view is built, but before it is rendered without having to change Facelets or Seam source?


      Facelets 1.1.11
      Seam 1.2.1