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    The zen of seamgen'd Home/EntityHome

    steve tynor Novice

      At the risk of being accused of not sufficiently using the source Luke, can someone explain how seamgen'd EntityHome's are intended to work?

      Our project was bootstrapped with seamgen, but has taken on a life of its own. As we add new Entities, we need to add corresponding EntityHome's, but there are many things about the seamgen'd ones that are not obvious to us. Cutting/pasting blindly can be a dangerous thing, so we wish to understand why seamgen did what it did. To start:

      * When will a getDefinedInstance() ever return non-null? I've never seen any of our wire() functions set any properties from a non-null getDefinedInstance() call.

      * How are the various @In FooHome's that are refered expected to be initialized? When should we be calling their setId() functions (which seems to be the trigger for making getDefinedInstance() return non-null)

      * What are the expectations from pages.xml to call wire()? What about when instantiating a class programatically? (ie. if I add a MyEntity findByName() function, should I be calling wire() and various setId() functions?

      The only discussion I can find that explains some of this is the following, and it only says "what" is happening with respect to xxx-to-one properties, not why:


      There are no comments on the Home / EntityHome classes that the seamgen'd classes use - perhaps once some of these questions are answered I can help write some.

      Seam 1.2.1-GA
      (though I've checked Seam 2.0.0-beta and don't see any docs for this there either).