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    Are Seam and JBoss 4.2.0.GA available for AS/400 ?

    Maria Consuelo Franky Newbie

      We have a Seam application working very well in Linux-intel and MS-Windows.

      We have to migrate this Seam application to an AS/400 machine with OS system and DB2 database, but we do not have any experience with AS/400.

      We would appreciate any comment about this situation in the following aspects:

      1- There exist JDK 1.5 for AS/400 with OS system ?
      2- Can JBoss 4.2.0.GA be installed in AS/400 with OS system ?
      3- Does a Seam application (version 2.0.0) have any chance of running in AS/400 with OS System ?

      Thanks for any help.

      Maria Consuelo Franky