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    doc on component/sfsb and scope


      My understanding of a seam component was that it was managed by seam, one and only one is created by scope and so is a singleton.
      So when a seam component wants another component to be injected with @In, it looks into its scope and higher scope to find the named component to inject.
      If I have:class @Name("Bar") class Bar{ @In Foo foo;}
      seams look into Bar scope, then higher scope to find a foo component and inject it.
      If @In(create = true) then seam creates it if it does not exists.

      So @Name("Bar") @Scope(scope = ScopeType.APPLICATION) @Stateful @Startup class Bar{}
      will create a singleton sfsb that any component would be able to access using:
      @In Bar bar;

      When I try that, I get a In value null.
      Could someone point to the right a doc to clear up my misunderstandings.