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    Performence of Seam 2.0 app

    Marcus Schmidke Newbie

      Hello all,

      I've got a question about performance.

      I'm not speaking of that drastic performance issues found in other threads (15 seconds per page or so), but of one or two seconds of time to apply request values.

      I am still beginner and am starting with a yet really small application, some Entities, some session beans and yet one single page.

      My environment is JBoss 4.2, Seam 2.0, Tomahawk 1.1.6, Facelets.

      This page contains 12 different input fields, 6 of them text fields, 6 selectOneMenus. Not too much, I think.

      But it takes about 2 seconds for a single round trip (submit, render the same page). There are no database accesses. The select boxes contain no more than 5 or 6 items, all of them cached in an application scoped session bean. I've drastically reduced debugging, not much effect.

      I've tried to make some statistics, turned on DEBUG logging again.

      I found
      67 times [org.jboss.seam.Component] instantiating Seam component: org.jboss.seam.persistence.persistenceProvider

      90 times [org.jboss.seam.Component] instantiating Seam component: org.jboss.seam.web.parameters

      102 times [org.jboss.ejb3.entity.ExtendedPersistenceContextPropagationInterceptor] ++++ LongLivedSessionPropagationInterceptor

      153 times [org.jboss.seam.util.Naming] JNDI InitialContext properties:{java.naming.factory.initial=org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory, java.naming.factory.url.pkgs=org.jboss.naming:org.jnp.interfaces}

      5180 times [org.jboss.seam.Component] instantiating Seam component: org.jboss.seam.core.events (five thousand one hundred eighty!!)

      ... and thousands of lines which seam to result from access to components in contexts, each variable being accessed around one hundred times.

      So, my question is: my page isn't really complicated, but what happens when submitting it is stunning. May I have coded something in a roundabout way, or are these numbers normal for a seam application?