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    Application path

    Kauê Felipe Newbie

      I´m trying to save one file in my app.

      I do this:

      How can i get the real

      File arq = new File("test.txt");
      FileWriter writer;
      try {
       writer = new FileWriter(arq, true);
       PrintWriter saida = new PrintWriter(writer, true);
      } catch (IOException e) {
       // TODO Auto-generated catch block

      But this code save my file under .\rhdevstudio\jboss-eap\jboss-as\bin\test.txt

      What do i have to do to save this under my app root?
      This is the root of app:
      rhdevstudio\jboss-eap\jboss-as\server\default\deploy\FolcloreBrasileiro.ear\ (folder)