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    clickable lists problem...

      I have the following scenario.

      I have a page that displays the clickable list.

      say (objs is the list and obj is each object)

      John Public | iPod Nano
      Jane Public | iPod Video

      I need to go to a detail page for John if I click on John and a detail page for iPod Nano if I click on iPod Nano. Same for Jane and iPod Video.

      I would need something like

      <s:link value="obj.user.name" action="/userDetail.xhtml>
      <f:param name="user" value="#{obj.user}">

      Can I do this... ??

      I am able to get the clicked data in a method which I invoke in the action part of command link as is shown in the messages example of Seam Reference.

      In the hotel booking example too it calls a method in the backend object

      I want to know how I can go to a page with a parameter as an object.
      I guess I can use s:link only with raw data and not objects.

      Any help is appreciated.