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    version numbering

    Jonathan Halliday Master

      First post!

      Ahem, sorry, could not resist.

      Now that's out the way and our shiny new dev forum is officially open for business, how about we start by discussing version numbering. Specifically, where to start.

      The ArjunaDTF code base we inherited was somewhere between version 3.9 and 4.0. The specific version we imported into the JBossDTF repository was 3.9. So one option is to continue that line and call our first release JBossDTF 4.0. That would put it roughly in sync with the JBossAS and JBossTS release numbering.

      Or we could start over from 1.0, or any other arbitrary base. Or we could do away with numbers and confuse everyone by using only names for the releases instead.

      Any thoughts?