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    Urgent - Problem with JBoss on Mac which also runs apache.


      I never thought this will turn out this tricky.
      I installed JBoss on our production server here.
      It works through http://localhost:8080
      The http://localhost:80 is taken by Apache server.

      My questions ?????

      Well, I cant figure out how I could access that Jboss server through the machine name or ip. If I do http://:80 it works and goes to apache. But http://<Machine Name>:8080 doesnt work. If I substitute with the server's static IP it brings about the same behaviour. How can I allow people in the network to access the webpage on JBoss.???

      I tried with a html redirect script (from apache to http://localhost:8080) within apache server to redirect to Jboss, but it only works in the server, apparently other machines on the network when they tried to access the script it leads to a 'page not found'. I know it happens because it looks for 'localhost' within all their respective machines.
      How to go about this problem. ? I know in windows it works when we give machine name or machine ip, why doesnt it work with Mac? It only works with localhost. If I find a way to substitute 'localhost' with the machine name or IP it might work, but I am with no success.
      Please help me. I gotta somehow finish this by tonight.
      Thanks for your time.