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    Thanks for 3.3.0; real world app?

      Richfaces Team,

      Great work on 3.3.0; we've been looking forward to this release.

      We've seen some references to a "real world app" that you all have been working on. There are several JIRA issues related to this and they seem to be mostly complete. It's also mentioned that you can find it in the SVN repo.

      My question is, when do you think this will be generally available, documented, and online for experimentation?

      Again, thanks!

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          Design stages issues only complete. We are working under first version completion right now. The functionality is almost done and now we're working on usability and graphical design.

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            Now is the time to ask the community to contribute... I am sure there are real world applications using richfaces that could be dumbed down, sanitized, and provided to richfaces. A perfect mechanism for deploying real world applications is Maven archetypes. If richfaces provided a means for uploading and storing Maven archetype projects, users could checkout and download these projects, build them quickly, and see richfaces components at work. User acceptance and use would most certainly increase.

            I am developing such an applications (an electronic traveler) that I would like to contribute in Maven archetype form if there is interest.

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              Yes, this is very interesting for us. Can you please send this application to me to nbelaevski at exadel dot com . Thank you in advance!