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    SVN portlet timeout error

    ling bei Newbie

      Hi, there,

      I am trying to monitor several SVN projects. Some svn repostiories' "svn status data" could be generated, but some failed.
      It is reported "time out". (i already changed the "TransactionTimeout" to 3000 in the "jboss-service.xml" file)

      Did you happen to meet the same problems? Would you please give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance.

      Below is the error log:

      20:19:34,898 INFO [SvnMonitoringPortlet] Viewing...
      20:19:35,054 INFO [STDOUT] 20:19:35,053 INFO [MethodResultCacheInterceptor] Cache-miss: reloading "hu.midori.kosmos.server.svn.SvnServiceImpl.getRepositories.http://user:passwd@sh-svn.sh.xxx.com/ssg_repos/svn_WML/WML/"...
      20:19:35,140 INFO [STDOUT] 20:19:35,140 INFO [SvnServiceImpl] Analyzing log of "http://user:passwd@sh-svn.sh.xxx.com/ssg_repos/svn_WML/WML" repository...
      20:19:55,506 INFO [STDOUT] 20:19:55,506 INFO [SvnServiceImpl] 485 log-entries received.
      20:19:55,507 INFO [STDOUT] 20:19:55,507 ERROR [SvnServiceImpl] Skipping invalid entry (no author)
      20:19:56,253 INFO [STDOUT] 20:19:56,253 INFO [SvnServiceImpl] Analyzing content of "http://user:passwd@sh-svn.sh.xxx.com/ssg_repos/svn_WML/WML" repository...
      21:09:34,934 WARN [TransactionImpl] Transaction TransactionImpl:XidImpl[FormatId=257, GlobalId=silc2003/137, BranchQual=, localId=137] timed out. status=STATUS_ACTIVE

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          Aron Gombas Novice

          You should increase the timeout period more.

          Plz note that even if the request transaction is cancelled by the appserver, it just kills only the HTTP request-response cycle. The background thread that collects the info will not stop, so as soon as it completes the job, you can just do a "Reload' in your browser and voila!