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    jbr-provider threads and performance tuning

    S Shetty Newbie


      We use a jbr-provider to handle HTTP POST requests. We notice that under load the time to respond increases. We have tried increasing the number of threads etc and also following the guidelines in the JBoss esb performance tuning page.

      Here is the service configuration:

       <service category="CMTE CNNI" name="Search Content" description="Search Content" invmScope="GLOBAL">
       <property name="maxThreads">100</property>
       <jbr-listener name="Cmte Cnni Search Content Gateway"
       busidref="cmte_cnni_search_content_http_end_point" is-gateway="true" maxThreads="100" />
       <jms-listener name="CMTE CNNI" busidref="cmte_cnni_search_content_esb_channel"
       maxThreads="100" />
       <action name="SearchContent" class="cmte.search.SearchContentAction"
       process="process" />

      I notice the service getting invoked sequentially and not in parallel when we try to simulate multiple clients.

      Is there any other configuration that we need to change?