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    RF 3.3.0.GA: error with multiple modal panels on a page

    Thai Dang Vu Apprentice

      I'm not sure it's because of richfaces or because of me. I haven't written a small example to test it yet.

      My situation is: I have a big JSF page

      <a4j:form id="myform">
      <h:panelGroup id="big">
      <c:if test="...">
       <ui:include src="part1.xthml"/>
      <c:if test="...">
       <ui:include src="part2.xthml"/>
      <c:if test="...">
       <ui:include src="part6.xthml"/>
      <ui:include src="modal1.xhtml"/>
      <ui:include src="modal2.xhtml"/>
      <ui:include src="modal3.xhtml"/>
      <ui:include src="modal4.xhtml"/>
      <ui:include src="modal5.xhtml"/>

      In each modal panel, I have a form. When I rerendered the h:panelGroup big, sometimes I received a facelets error: dupplicate id myform:j_idXXXX, but the id j_idXXXX is not fixed every time I got that error (i.e. sometimes it's in this form of this modal panel, some other times it's in another form of another modal panel).

      Some other times, I got that error when I just went to that page and in those times, the form is one of those of the modal panels.

      Anybody in the same situation?