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Forum in Jboss Portal 2.6.3

srihari Prabaharan Newbie

Hi guys,

i am new to Jboss forum and i am using Jboss Portal 2.6.3 and downloaded jboss-forums-1.0.1DR-P2.6.2 and deployed it. All aspects of the forum is working fine.
How can i configure the forum to store it in my own database schema.

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    Ryszard Kozmik Master


    Well it's not possible out of the box now. You could possibly do some workarounds to make it work but I haven't check any on my own. However, I'll start working later this week on a task that should make this doable. So, expect it to be possible in not so far future.

    btw. please use JBoss Forums User Forum next time.

    Ryszard Kozmik
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