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    inplaceSelect in a dataTable problems

    Tim Newbie

      hi there, i've got the following dataTable with inplaceSelects:

       <rich:inplaceSelect id="userValue" value="#{user.userid}"
       defaultLabel="" listWidth="500"
       <a4j:support event="onchange"
       reRender="userTable, selectUsers" requestDelay="100" />
       <f:selectItems id="selectUsers"
       value="#{orgUnitBean.selectUsers}" />

      my problem is now, that i always see the default label.
      i have for example 10 objects. when there are 3 lines in the datatable i'm generating dynamically a fourth with this inplace select where you can choose between the 7 others to add one. but still only the default value.

      however, if i put a simple outputText before the inplaceSelect in my table row, i can see the right value, so there's nothing wrong with my objects.

      if i don't filter my list, that means all 10 objects are always available to choose from the inplaceSelect, i can see the right values in datatable rows.

      is this a bug or isn't inplaceSelect supposed to act like a "muliInplaceSelect"?

      any help will be appreciated.
      kind regards,