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    Sequence Diagramm

    arne schramm Newbie


      i am trying to understand hte XTS. I already have a running prototype. Now i would like to have a sequence diagramm to show people how it works. my problem here is, that i do not know exactly, how the different classes of the framework communicate.
      for business activity i have the UserBusinessActivity where i can start a transaction and close it. Then there is the BusinessActivityManager where i can register the participants, and third i get a BusinessParticipantManager with which the Participant can communicate. My question is, how and when do these 3 classes communicate?
      The same thing is with atomic transactions. I can start and commit the transaction with the UserTransaction class. For userregistration there is the TransactionManager class. these two have to communicate too, but when and how? I would really be happy i anybody could tell me. thanks...

      btw: the ws-ba specification defines a getStatus() message for the coordinator. i do not find it in XTS. Any help?