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    Warning after non-serializable XAResource recovery test

    Sergey Zhigunov Newbie


      I am testing local JTA TM in JBoss. My transaction includes one serializable and one non-serializable XAResource (recovery module is configured).

      Scenario one (no issues). Kill server after prepare phase + participants are recorded in TM Object Store. Start the server. Recovery happens. Records are removed from Object Store. No warnings.

      Scenario two (possible problem). Kill server after: prepare phase + participants are recorded in TM Object Store + participants committed successfully, but before the record was removed from Object Store. Start the server. Keep getting "Could not find new XAResource to use for recovering non-serializable" warning until clean the Object Store manually.

      If this warning is an expected behavior in this case and manual clean-up required, or there is a problem with the configuration / participant?

      I can see in the debugger the recovery module is contacted and returns XAResource which can not find any transactions (as there are non).


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