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    error: jbpm4.3 building from source

    derek lee Newbie

      hi all:


      i built jbpm4.3 using mvn -Pdistro clean install    in rethat linux5

      i met the following error :


      Reason: Error getting POM for 'org.jbpm.jbpm4:jbpm-gpd' from the repository: Unable to read local copy of metadata: Cannot read metadata from '/home/yushanyuan/.m2/repository/org/jbpm/jbpm4/jbpm-gpd/4.3-SNAPSHOT/maven-metadata-qa.jboss.com.xml': end tag name </head> must be the same as start tag <META> from line 7 (position: TEXT seen ...<META HTTP-EQUIV="expires" CONTENT="0">\n</head>... @8:8)




      for project org.jbpm.jbpm4:jbpm-gpd

      can anyone help me?