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    GateIn's impact on JBoss Portal and EPP

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      Would appreciate some advice/directions from the folks here:


      As far as I understand, JBoss Portal 2.7 is one component of JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 4.3 which has many other components. If this is correct, can JBoss Portal 2.7 be used standalone or does that not make sense at all?


      With GateIn getting released soon, I assume JBoss Portal 2.7 will be replaced by GateIn 3.0 while other components of EPP remain as they are. So, is there a timeline by which other components of EPP will get integrated with GateIn (assuming they will indeed get integrated)? So for example, if i were to require content management, would the recommended approach (from Redhat's perspective) be to use JBoss Portal CMS module or would it be to use the eXo ECM module?


      Thanks in advance for any pointers.




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          Richard Mills Newbie
          I am interested in this as well.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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            Thomas Heute Master

            The definition of EPP is a bit wrong, let me try to rephrase.


            EPP embeds EAP which is a 'productized' version of a fork of JBoss AS and a 'productized' version of a fork of GateIn (for EPP5).


            By productized I mean:

                 - Much more intensively tested in QA Lab (Everything that is too time consuming for a project release, such as intensive clustering testing, performance tests, soak testing. But also manual tests)

                 - Carefully stable, only bug fixes go in EPP, no new feature

                 - Sanitized, non production-ready feature are removed


            (EPP also comes with other aspects such as legal protection, support contracts with SLA, Documentation targetted to the platform... But I stick with code here)


            GateIn requires at a bare minimum a servlet container (Tomcat which is also embedded in JBoss AS/EAP). For advanced features and for support it requires JBoss AS (For HA aspect, WSRP...). JBoss Portal requires JBoss AS/EAP.

            Note that both projects come with bundled version ie you just download a zip and run the .bat or .sh without having to do any installation process.


            EPP 4.3 used EAP 4.3 and a fork of JBoss Portal 2.7

            EPP 5 (due in May) will use EAP 5 and a fork of GateIn 3.0


            There is no plan to port the JBoss Poral CMS module to GateIn, so for a new approach, I would suggest eXo ECM/WCM or any other alternative.


            Hope this helps

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              Rich Kucera Newbie

              is it too late to change the name of the product?  I mean "GateIn"?   i mean "Clang!"  I mean sheep... etc.  I don't get any positive associations.  Remember "WebGain"?  Who would?   IMHO how can you expect to build a brand on these names.  "JBoss" is a brand.  "TopLink" is a brand.

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                Thomas Heute Master

                The product is called Enterprise Portal Platform.


                GateIn is the only association of letters, less than 10 in total and that doesn't have a trademark (And yes it's too late, but yeah we fought for months up to this name, it was definitely not my favorite proposal but the only one our legal team would accept).