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        Jesper Pedersen Master

        No, the .SAR file enables that the profiler can be controlled through a management interface using JMX.


        The .WAR is only available in our repository - so you will have to build it yourself. Note, that is a lot of functionality missing - e.g. we need help from the community in this area


        In regards to your memory question; JBoss Profiler 2.0 is currently a pure Java profiler, which doesn't allow collecting detailed memory information. Hence only number of instances allocated for each class type is recorded.


        What we need is a JVMTI implementation that can collect the necessary information. But also in this case we need some help from the community.


        You may want to take a look at the JBoss Profiler 1.0 series - which is based on JVMTI.



        • 16. Re: Thoughts on jboss-profiler-2.0.Beta3.SP1 install/usage instr
          Tom Harris Newbie

          I followed the instructions for using the 1.0.RC4 release, and now I get the following when starting up:


          this is the new DLL
          Running process on Windows 2180
          ERROR: JVMPI, an experimental interface, is no longer supported.
          Please use the supported interface: the JVM Tool Interface (JVM TI).
          dpInspector> error in obtaining jvmpi interface pointer
          Error occurred during initialization of VM
          -Xrun library failed to init: jbossInspector
          Press any key to continue . . .


          I am running JBoss 5.1.0.GA with Java 1.6.0_17.


          Tom Harris

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            Clebert Suconic Master

            JVMPI won't work on JDK 1.6+. only on 1.5-.


            We have plans.. if you look at the Branch_2 we have already started development. But we are short handed ATM.


            Jesper is doing an excelent work on the java interception though. It won't be needed JVMTI for most of the inspections.

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