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    Monitoring Oracle with Jop

    Joao Antunes Newbie

      Hi, My name is Joao Antunes and I'am new using Jopr.

      I have Jopr installed with a Oracle database. And now i want monitoring this database, but when i try add OracleServer manually i have the follow errors:

      An unexpected error occurred in the Agent. Cause: java.lang.Exception:Discovery component invocation failed. -> org.rhq.core.pluginapi.inventory.InvalidPluginConfigurationException:Unable to connect to Oracle -> org.rhq.core.pluginapi.inventory.InvalidPluginConfigurationException:Specified JDBC driver class (oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver) not found.

      I'm passing the same parameters of database that i passed when installed Jopr Server.

      How i monitoring a database oracle? Someone can help me?

      PS: Sorry for my bad english