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    [jbpm4] Move execution to arbitrary activity

      Hi all,
      I'm trying to move the execution of a processInstance to an arbitrary activity.

      I'm using the following code:

      org.jbpm.api.ProcessDefinition processDefinition = repositoryService.createProcessDefinitionQuery().processDefinitionName("processTest").uniqueResult();
       ExecutionService executionService = processEngine.getExecutionService();
       ProcessInstance instance = executionService.startProcessInstanceByKey("processTest");
       String newName = "Verified";
       Activity newActivity = ((ProcessDefinitionImpl) processDefinition).getActivity(newName);
       ExecutionImpl execution = (ExecutionImpl) instance;
       if (newActivity != null) {
       ((ExecutionImpl) execution).setActivity(newActivity);

      but when I then signal the execution, the activity ran is not the one I've yet set, but the old one.

      I've also tried to use


      but with the same result.

      It seems that the change is not persisted on the DB....

      Is it a bug or am I making any mistake?


      Luca Tagliani