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    jBPM v3 - short transactions

    Jeremiasz Miedzinski Newbie



      I was wondering about possibility to make jBPM transaction shorter. As far as I know the default aproach is to commit while closing jbpmContext. On the other hand, we're running processes with large number of automatic steps placed at the beginning of process and few manual steps placed at the end of process flow. We're creating process instance, saving it and signalling. Process executes all automatic steps and fails on manual step. Then, all operations are rolled back to start state. From our point of view it would be better to perform commit on node-leave event for each automatic step. When process fails on manual step it will be rolled back to last successfull operation, not to the beginning of process. Of course that aproach has some disadvantages but in general we're handling shorter and simpler transactions.

      Now my question: Is it possible to achieve that behaviour of JBPM and if someone tried it ?