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    Cleanup Process Engine

    Tej jbpm Novice

      Hi All,


      I have implemented a solution with jbpm successfully. My problem is I get a "GC overhead limit exceeded" at times as my program spends too much time on garbage collection.


      I think it is the way i am initialising the process engine and the clenaup is not happening properly.


      I do this in the beginning of each file which runs in my application




      = new org.jbpm.api.Configuration().setResource("my.jbpm.cfg.xml").buildProcessEngine();


      At the end of each file I do





      But is this the correct way to do it? Do I have initialise the engine once and then use it all over the pages? Will processEngine.close() cleanup all the executionService, taskService, RepositoryService which i initalise followed by the process engine initialisation.


      Please guide me if there are any other better ways to do it.


      Thanks in advance