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    Getting variables for completed tasks

    T T Newbie

      We are implementing 4.3 for our next release. In the current system, we have a tasks management where we also get the completed tasks. We have variables for tasks which are used in search filter.


      I was testing the code for completed tasks. I realized that the completed tasks are in JBPM4_HIST_TASK but the variables are deleted from the JBPM4_Variable and I donot find them in JBPM4_HIST_VAR. At this point, this stops us from implementing JBPM4.3. I am doing something wrong? Why are the variables being deleted?

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master
          See the jira, history issues (a.o. i.c.w. tasks) are 'known.
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            Tej jbpm Novice

            Hi there,


            If you cant wait for the issues to be resolved, I had implemented the same by creating my own table and inserting the variables with the process reference id. You get all the variables using the API before ending a task and insert it into your own history table and requery it .


            Most of the issues in jbpm can be resolved by just implementing in your own way. Some of the functionalities which are not supported I have implemented it in my own application just be thinking of a workaround..


            If you are happy with the basic functionalities of the JBPM for your project - then that is the way you go!!



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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              I have to strongly disagree what you propose. Sure, lots of missing functionality could be implemented separately. Heck, you could even implement your own bpm engine.


              If 80% of the functionality is there, one would be foolish to implement the other 20% in a separate way. Resulting in all kinds of maintenance issues like cleanup etc... migration in case it is implemented in jBPM eventually or even adding lots of code in lots of places.... yuck... In addition this would result in X people doing the same thing, A waist of time I'd say. And the remark of 'if you can't wait for the issues to be resolved' is a very passive attitude. Why not help out 'fixing' the issue. Everybody happy. Or is everybody afraid to help out? If so I'd be very curious to hear why. The code of jBPM 4 is very cleanly written and in the dev forum we are more then willing to help out.


              So please either help out, or suggest this to others, but act in a way that is helpful for EVERYBODY



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                Tej jbpm Novice

                You love to get into arguments. Please refrain being argumentative in public forums.


                I appreciate your help in the forum activities but these kind of replies dont help the forum users.


                Please dont reply to this and start another argument( unless you have something to say about the original question)..........thanks for your cooperation

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                  Ronald van Kuijk Master

                  Yes I do like to get into constructive discussions. But first let me apologize, my comment was a bit harsh and not specifically directed at you. But it is a frustration to see others propose to use workarounds instead of helping to fix the issue.


                  Now regarding the helpfulness of my post. It is as valid as yours. Let me explain why. You propose one of two things, create a workaround or use it with the limitations it has if that is possible.


                  I propose a third one, help fixing it. In my humble opinion that is as valid as yours and in as much detail. To be honest I think mine is in the end more helpfull since if it is choosen by the original poster, everybody is helped. So please next time do not forbid me to post