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    EJB3 Version Targets for AS 6.0 M3

    John Bailey Novice

      What version of the various EJB3 sub-projects are targeted for AS 6.0 M3?  I have done some initial VFS3 integration on a branch based off the EJB3 trunk, but have run into some version conflicts integrating the branch into the AS.  Are there plans to upgrade the EJB3 project versions for the AS M3?  If not it may be better for me to branch the existing released versions for the initial integration for M3.


      Any ideas?

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          Jaikiran Pai Master

          For AS trunk, the module which integrates with the AS is the ejb3_1 (available at EJB3_Trunk/ejb3_1). This week we'll be releasing 1.0.1 version of that module into AS for 6.0.0.M2. (most of the) other sub-modules are EJB3  are pulled in as transitive dependencies from this module. So the appropriate versions of the other sub-modules are listed in the EJB3_trunk/ejb3_1/pom.xml.


          Which sub-modules have changed in EJB3, for VFS? If for example, it's the "core" module which has changed, then usually it would mean bumping the version of core appropriately and then updating the ejb3_1/pom.xml dependency to pull in this new version.


          Once M2 is out, we plan to continue our regular release cycles (twice a month). So the latest released EJB3 version, at that point in time, will be integrated in M3.

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            Carlo de Wolf Master

            Each module you see under ejb3/trunk is effectively a stand-alone component. Most of these components are re-used in multiple runtimes (EAP 5 & AS 6), so forking them is not your default option.


            You need to isolate your changes into an abstract component which we can re-use to build components for multiple runtimes.

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              John Bailey Novice

              What I should have said is, whichever component versions are going to be included in AS 6.0 M3 will need to be integrated with VFS3 prior to the M3 release.


              Below are all the files with references to VFS in ejb3 components:


              I will take a look at all the references from tests and see if there is a way to remove the VFS reference all together.  Otherwise I will ignore any project that has a test only dependency.  I realize all the ejb3/trunk components are standalone, but as long as they are going to be integrated into AS, they will need to be updated. There may be ways we can isolate the change by reducing the number of code paths into VFS and then providing some kind of plugable adapter.  I will look into this and let you know what I see.


              Below is a list of ejb3 components included by AS (the bold entries are known to reference VFS):

              org.jboss.ejb3:jboss-ejb3-transactions:jar:1.0.2:compile (VFS reference in test only)