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    Duplicate component name validation error


      This looks like a bug to me, but thought I should post it.


      I'm working from the Seam In Action examples, but now with SEAM 2.2 and tools 3.1 CR1.

      RegisterAction uses some additional configuration from components.xml, defined by a component element without a class specified i.e.;

          <component name="registerAction">
             <property name="pro-status-types">amateur pro semi-pro</property>
             <property name="specialtyTypes">

      The RegisterAction java source is annotated with an @Name header:

      package org.open18.action;


      public class RegisterAction {

      During project build, and validation, these both get flagged as "Duplicate component name: "registerAction".

      This does not prevent the project from building or deploying to JBoss AS 5.1, which in fact operates correctly. The validation simply flags it as an error.
      This same validation works properly in Seam 2.1 and tools 3.0.1.GA-R2.

      I updated to the latest nightly build (JBossTools-Update-3.1.0.v201001140301N-H131-CR2.zip) and the problem still exists.