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    Source Location for EJB3 Components

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Persuant to discussions Carlo, Jaikiran and I have been having lately, I've extracted the component charged with bringing @Asynchronous support to EJB into its own space:




      Under this alignment "org.jboss.ejb3.async" is a component with "spi", "build", and "impl" *modules*.  Each module shares a release cycle with the component as a whole.



      1) Each component has an SPI upon which other components can depend

      2) In compile scope, no component may depend on anything aside from the designated SPI.  In runtime/test scope the doors are open to use impl classes (I *really* wish Maven provided a scope for "test runtime only, but not test compilation".


      How do we feel about using this setup as a template for further breaking apart EJB3 pieces under trunk?