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    change timer duedate

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      I will describe my sitation first. We are currently migrating an application on mainframe to a new SOA platform. Currently a table is containing state about business processes. The application is build on top of this table. In the new platform JBpm will be used to manage these long running processes.


      A some moment in time we will need to migrate the state on the mainframe towards Jbpm instances. The occording processdefinition contains a timer with a duedate op 30 days. At the moment of conversion the lines in the table can different duedates. So just generating process instances with a duedate of 30 days is not acceptable.


      My question is : is it possible to change a timer duedate on a process instance level? I know the duedate is stored in the jbpm4_job table. Is it allowed to change it here? Will the process engine pickup this change correctly?


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