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    Tooltip needs a diet


      I've noticed that if I add rich:toolTip to a page (and absolutely nothing else), then Richfaces will include:

      AjaxScript 63.9K
      PrototypeScript 98.6K
      jquery.js 58.1K
      utils.js 10.1K
      tooltip.js 12.5K

      This totals 243.2K - which is about 20 times bigger than it needs to be (compared to other tooltips). I can understand the logic - eg. when the mode is ajax. However if the mode is client then the first two certainly shouldn't be used. Also, the use of jquery *and* prototype is excessive.

      I see that a similar issue https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/RF-6021 was resolved in 3.3.1. Was this fix looking at the use of these scripts across other components or did it just focus on the datatable?