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Binding to multiple namespaces

David Lloyd Master

I posted a discussion in the user forum (the first, and only post there) at Binding to multiple namespaces? but have not yet received any response.  I'm assuming that due to the lack of volume there, nobody is actually monitoring that forum, so I'm posing the question here.


Basically I need to bind my SchemaResolverDeployer to more than one namespace.  Any thoughts?

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    Ales Justin Master

    Afaik, that should be doable.

    As that was the reason Alexey changed the resolver type to multiple resolver.

    Search older posts, I think it was the JCA guys that asked for similar feature.

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    Alexey Loubyansky Master

    Sorry, I missed that. (For some reason the XB folder in my mail client hasn't been updated until now) And I didn't know we had a user forum, that's new


    Yes, that's doable. You specify the namespace for the root class. Everything referenced from it (unless some class is annotated with a specific namespace or a prefix) will be bound to the namespace of the root.