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    Issue with <url-pattern> + CMS

    chris ciotti Newbie

      Hi -


      I'm having some trouble with the <url-pattern> in the web.xml.  I have this:




      This does not map to a physical location but is just a pattern in the url query string. 

      The url looks like this: http://foo.com/dir/Name?page=/us/xx/yy/home  JBOSS won't protect it but it protects physical locations without too much trouble. 


      Can anyone see something obviously wrong?  I'm new to JAAS in particular and JBOSS in general so any help is greatly appreciated.





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          Wolfgang Knauf Master



          see this:




          "URL patterns use an extremely simple syntax. Every character in a pattern must match the corresponding character in the URL path exactly, with two exceptions. At the end of a pattern, /* matches any sequence of characters from that point forward. The pattern *.extension matches any file name ending with extension. No other wildcards are supported, and an asterisk at any other position in the pattern is not a wildcard.



          So, you have to use the full path in this webapp, and you cannot insert wildcards unfortunately. The spec does not allow this.


          Best regards