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    Input for better JBoss Tools update site layout

    Max Rydahl Andersen Master



      I'm working on https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBIDE-4859 which is about provding a better update site layout than what we have today.


      I didn't like our current updatesite because it doesn't show very well how big a feature set we actually we have and many might not realize they don't need to install *everything*.


      On the other hand I would like there to be an "easy" option to install everything that should be able to work on Eclipse JEE bundle.


      So I took a look at Eclipse Galileo updatesite and saw they got some pretty good names for most things and decided to use where it made sense and then also keep the JBoss Tools category (now renamed to "All JBoss Tools") which is everything except plugins that drags in big dependencies beyond Eclipse JEE.


      I would love to hear if this updatesite categorization works for you and if not, what you would prefer instead ?