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    Update to jboss-cl-2.2.x stable release

    Thomas Diesler Master

      In order to meet the AS M2 deadline for component freeze (this week) we need to work on




      Ales, can we possibly agree on a strategy today so that this issue can get resolved and AS can do the required QA cycles in time.


      A failure to resolve this issue in time means


      ... , that M2 would be the first AS release since the interception of JBoss OSGi in Mar-2009 that will NOT have support for our own JBossMC based OSGi Core Framework.
      Which would not be in line with what Mark says here:

      "We can support OSGi bundles running alongside our native equivalent format," Little said. 



      I'd suggest we do the necessary jboss-cl update and the QA associated with it.

      In case jboss-cl 2.2.x is not in a state where it can be released and brought into AS, I could also try to merge the necessary changes back to the 2.0.8 code base and we include the resulting 2.0.8.SP1 release.

      Whatever the direction is, I believe an update is necessary (i.e. JBAS-7650 is not optional). If you want to go the 2.0.8 route, please let me know and I can do the necessary merges and possibly the SP1 release if Adrian is not available.